Welcome to Anna Schloemer Designs!

Hey there! I’m Anna. I’m a wife, artist, and surface pattern designer. I love to play soccer, listen to Christmas music (yes, all year round), and have freshly cut flowers in my home. I have a passion for art and surface pattern design, and I cannot wait to share that with you! 

Our Story

How it all began…

Although it's taken on many different forms, Anna Schloemer Designs has been a dream of mine since I was about 10 years old. What first began as a little jewelry making business, selling products from the back of my mom's van, has bloomed into something so much more. I have always found myself drawn to things with pretty patterns on them and once I found out I could have a career in making them, there was no stopping me.

There is still so much room for me to learn and grow in my surface pattern design career and I hope you’ll take the time to travel along that journey with me.